Women running the wine business


Marketeer magazine chose its most significant articles to act on the cover. In this September edition, the theme was the Women who rule the wine in Portugal."How can we create a consumer-friendly cover on this topic?"At the time, I was working full-time at Ivity Brand Corp, and under the creative direction of Paulo Rocha, he asked me to visually develop the cover as if it were a wine box.


In Ivity's terroir, unique castes grow; at Gravoplot, masters of cutting and a thousand materials live. Combining this exploration of possibilities, the cover of this Marketeer's edition is born. A Bacchae celebrates the twelve women who rule the wine in Portugal. An Ivity's harvest, matured in Portuguese imagination hooves and laser packaged by the Portuguese Gravoplot. For this particular Marketeer's cover design, Ivity started a cycle of Creative Expeditions. The creative processes with Portuguese raw materials from different geographies and natures are far from the usual Ivity's workroom. Finding new materials, new inspirations, and a need for experimentation where talent and hands work naturally, leads to a de-digitalization of the day-to-day of our creative industry. We want to explore creative possibilities because we believe that brands and Marketing will gain a lot from having more affluent, more original results and further away from the functional and mediocre stereotypes that administrative and urban creativity packs and produces on a large scale. And, above all, we want to be agents of a more creative and humane society.


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Creative Direction

Paulo Rocha

Art direction

António Segurado


António Segurado


Luís Mileu


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