Comunidade Vida e Paz


Comunidade Vida e Paz (Life and Peace Community) is a private institution of social solidarity. They intend to be a reference organization in the creation and dynamization of responses to the needs and potential of people living in a homeless or socially vulnerable situation. Their target, the vulnerable people, didn't connect with their logotype and approached Digitas Portugal to help them. Meanwhile, I'm working in Leo Burnett (same group as Digitas), and the project came to me, alongside a small team, as a designer, strategist and art director.


The Community has been dedicating for 30 years to giving a hand to those who need it most. Here, people are the main focus, and the objective is to help rebuild the lives of each one of them. After so many years of changing people's lives, it's time for them to change the Community. The mission was to create an identity made by the Community. To drive this recreation of the new identity, we held a drawing workshop with users to understand their accurate perception of the Community. We concluded that the logo had many distracting elements of the essence. We also concluded that Hands are the main element that distinguishes the work of the Community because everyone is willing to join hands. All the users share a nostalgic feeling of the first logo because of the power of the peaceful white pigeon.


The biggest Thank You I've heard from a client.

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Comunidade Vida e Paz


Digitas Portugal

Designer and Strategist

António Segurado

Art Director

Beatriz Martins

Video Editor

Inês Correia


Maria Branco


Nuno Salvaterra


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